Workshops for Students
Who Am I When No One is Looking:
This workshop is designed to empower students in developing a healthy self esteem and to help them understand the relationship between self confidence, competence and school success.
Understanding the ‘Changing’ Self and School Environment:
This workshop is designed to make the students aware of the various internal and external forces that shape the adolescent and influence their behaviour. It is structured to help the participants understand the transition from childhood into and through adolescence and the social changes in the environment that also impact on them.
Cold Stares and Warm Smiles:
This programme is designed to enable students to create within themselves and their school/community a way to a kinder, more cooperative culture. It will teach students how to turn ugly situations into opportunities for positive relationships. It is structured to show students how to tap into their inner power and wisdom to ease their conflict, talk out differences, stay calm, find common ground and create peace.
Getting Along with Difficult People and Situations:
As students interact with one another in the classroom, cafeteria, playground, bus and on the streets, conflicts are bound to arise. This is an expected and natural part of social interaction. Problems arise, though, when children are unable to resolve their conflicts peacefully, and more and more time is spent disciplining than teaching or learning. This programme is designed to teach students the necessary skills to become conflict managers. It will help students take responsibility for solving their problems while fostering respect for one another’s feelings and points of view.
Only Pretending to be Tough:
Bullying is an issue in all sections of our community. It is a form of social dominance. It is a negative way of gaining social acceptance. To truly prevent bullying, we must begin with educating students about bullying and provide them with the skills to manage such behaviours.
Being Young and Being Wise:
Targeted toward the youth population, this seminar is meant to equip participants with the skills of career planning, interviewing, resume writing and a general framework for success in life after formal schooling.
Sowing Seeds for Success:
This programme focuses on success in relationships, school, managing emotions and life. Students will develop communication skills, learn how to make a friend and be a friend, learn how to express emotions appropriately, build self-confidence and improve relationships. We seek to teach children to befriend themselves and learn practical coping skills. This workshop is for students, teachers and families.