As a Congregation dedicated to service through healing, caring and teaching ministries and a community that always seeks to respond to the signs of the times, we have committed ourselves to the task of helping the Roman Catholic community strengthen families by helping parents transmit spiritual values to their children through the Institute’s activities.
One-Day Seminars for Families
A one-day retreat begins at 9:00am and ends at 3:00pm.

Restoring Family Values:
This seminar will teach ways to strengthen the family. At the end of this seminar, families will be able to define values, clarify their particular family values and idenfity positive and negative behaviors that are necessary to have or avoid in order to live these values. It also addresses practical ways to communicate these values to children of different ages/stages of growth.


Common Sense Parenting: (SEE FLYER BELOW)
Using your head as well as your heart to raise school-aged children. This programme empowers families and strengths society through courses to help parents communicate and build relationships with their children.
Weekend & Weeklong Family Workshops/Retreats
A weekend retreat begins on Friday at 7:00pm and ends with Sunday noon lunch.
Celebrating the Family Workshop:
What does family mean to you? Spend this weekend exploring the language of love in your family. Experience the expression of love through art, storytelling and adventure.
Family Healing Retreat:
This retreat is an opportunity to put the past behind you; to embrace forgiveness and start building authentic relationships with your self, spouse and children. What to expect: for a weekend or a week, your family will pray together, sing together and join in family-centered activities, such as role play or skits, to empower communication, facilitate forgiveness and nurture commitment.
Creating Memories by Living Values:
How to have a conversation with your teenagers – moving from “normal” to dialogue.
Called to the Vocation of Family Life:
Learn the qualities and skills for strengthening the family. Content includes spirituality, teaching, modeling values, conflict resolution and techniques of keeping families together.
Family Communication: Road Map for Relationships:
Learn speaking and listening skills,  the art of dialogue, how to build relationships rather than breaking them down, honesty in communication, and the ability to respectfully and assertively discuss problems, hurt and pain.
Forgiveness in the Family:
For all family members
Common Sense Parenting Flyer